Aviation Solutions

Features of Aviation Software

Aviation software encompasses the following feature set:

  • Airline website, supporting online ticket sales
  • Cashier POS solution for on-site ticket check-in and sales
  • Flight scheduling and dispatch, pilot management
  • FBO (fixed-based operator) management
  • Customer information management (e.g. flight history, contact data)
  • Boarding and concierge management
  • Flight attendant management and scheduling
  • Airport workforce check-in / check-out, scheduling
  • Aircraft utilization and time management
  • lot costing, contract, warranty, and leasing management
  • Airport maintenance management (internal or via integration with CMMS)
  • Airplane material, parts ordering, inventory management
  • Fuel tracking and management, fuel truck management
  • Plane quality assurance, inspection management, engineering support
  • Maintenance planning and management
  • Revenue cycle management, cost and financial analysis